How much is the shipping fee?
We offer FREE worldwide shipping!

When will my order arrive?

There is different shipping times depending on the country we are sending the order out to. If you are from the US, you should expect your order in 7-20 days. If you are from Australia or Canada you can expect your order in 10-25 days. If you are from anywhere in Europe, you should expect your order within 10-20 days. For all the other countries, please allow around 3-4 weeks for the product to arrive to you.

Can I cancel my order once it is placed?

As soon as you place your order, we immediately process it in our inventory so unfortunately, you cannot cancel placed orders. Be 100% sure about purchasing the product before proceeding to checkout.

Do you have a return policy?

Please refer to the Terms of Service page for our return policy and for other concerns.

Where can I contact you in case of concerns with the products?

You can reach us by sending us an e-mail at: